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Legend Choi Baek Ho to feature in IU’s new album

on April 8, 2013

From: jennywill
Posted At: Saturday, April 06, 2013 6:33 AM
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Subject: Legend Choi Baek Ho to feature in IU’s new album


Legendary singer Choi Baek Ho will be working with IU on her upcoming song!

The singer is a well-respected name who has been active since the 70s. He swept various Daesangs at his peak in the 80s, and he’ll be featuring on IU’s new album! The song he’ll be working on with IU is written by guitarist Park Joo Won, who has also received various awards for his songs as well.

So as expected, this song will be different from IU’s previous styles, and should have fans curious to hear more!

IU’s representative said, “Since the album is still in progress, it hasn’t been decided in what way this song will be included in the album. But it will be revealed soon.” Currently, IU is working on her drama ‘You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin‘, which will end during the summer, and she’s adjusting her album release schedule.

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