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Kim Woo Bin admits that he lied to his cousin that he was best friends with IU

on April 6, 2013

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Subject: Kim Woo Bin admits that he lied to his cousin that he was best friends with IU


Actor Kim Woo Bin confessed that he’d lied about being best friends with IU.

He appeared on the April 2nd episode of ‘Incarnation‘ and confessed, “I asked my younger cousin which celebrity he likes the most, and he said IU. After I heard that, I secretly changed a friend’s name into IU on my phones contacts list.

He continued, “Then I told him, ‘I’m close with her. We eat together sometimes.’ He didn’t believe me, so I showed him my phone. His eyes got so big.” But in reality, Kim Woo Bin had never even spoken to IU. He laughed as he confessed, “I’m worried because I made a promise to him as he believed I was IU’s best friend.

He’d promised his cousin, an elementary school student, that if he raised his average to over 95, he’d get IU’s signature. Kim Woo Bin continued, “I got to know someone that was close with IU to get her signature.” Afterwards, he sent a message to IU and said, “I’m sorry I said I was close with you to my cousin. My cousin is supporting you and studying hard, so please sign this for him. I’ll always support you as well.

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