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Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha says a man’s body plays a factor in her decision to date him

on April 6, 2013

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Posted At: Wednesday, April 03, 2013 7:03 AM
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Subject: Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha says a man’s body plays a factor in her decision to date him


Brown Eyed GirlsNarsha opened up about what she looks for in a man and her thoughts about resembling actress Ha Ji Won!

The singer guested on this week’s ‘Beatles Code 2‘ alongside Hong Kyung Min and duo Hyung Don & Dae Joon. During the episode, the MCs brought up the topic of ideal types to which Narsha revealed, “I don’t know about when I was young, but now I feel like we have to be able to connect on a mental level.” However, the MCs insisted that that couldn’t be all that she looks for in a man, and after much nagging, Narsha relented, and said, “To be honest, I look at a man’s body before I decide to date them,” surprising the set with her frank comment.

When asked about which man she would date out of those on set, the singer caused the set to roar in laughter as she remarked, “I can’t choose like this. You have to take your clothes off. ” However, since the men on set couldn’t possibly strip on broadcast, she just ended up choosing MC Tak Jae Hoon among Shindong, Yoo Sang Moo, Jang Dong Min, and the guests as the closest to her ideal type.

In addition, Narsha talked about receiving attention for her resemblance to actress Ha Ji Won. “I don’t see the resemblance, but people keep saying that we look alike,” she said. “I met Ha Ji Won when I visited Ga In on the filming set of ‘The Huntresses‘. People around me kept saying that we look alike, so I was unable to properly greet her because I was shy.

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