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U-KISS’ Dongho gives special lecture at his alma mater

on March 28, 2013

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Subject: U-KISS’ Dongho gives special lecture at his alma mater


U-KISSDongho was invited to give a special lecture at his alma mater Hanrim High School of Performing Arts. He graduated from the applied music department this year.

On March 26th, Dongho lectured about ‘Living as an Idol in Korea’ to his juniors. NH Media shared, “Dongho felt shy about giving a special lecture to his juniors at first, but accepted it because he thought it would be helpful to tell them stories he learned from his experiences. He’s been preparing for the lecture diligently despite his busy schedule and is planning to tell his juniors many stories.”

During the hour long lecture, Dongho discussed the idol process and hardships he faced as a trainee and as an idol group member as well as the rewarding moments from the hard work.

Meanwhile, U-KISS is currently promoting their third album’s title song “Standing Still“.

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