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G-Dragon reveals how he treats his girlfriends

on March 28, 2013

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Subject: G-Dragon reveals how he treats his girlfriends


G-Dragon garnered the attention of the female guests on set as he revealed the polite manners he’s known for extends into dating as well!

On ‘Incarnation‘, MC Kim Hee Sun revealed that she had known G-Dragon ever since he was little, way before Big Bang. She joked that he should be careful as she has a lot of things she could spill about him, and G-Dragon teased back, “But that means I also have a lot of stories about you too, noona.”

One of the first secrets Kim Hee Sun revealed about G-Dragon was about the way he treats his girlfriends. She opened up the topic, saying, “I hear you give out your heart easily.” The sudden comment flustered G-Dragon, and Daesung added on by saying, “The doors to his heart are always open. Like the Gwanghwamun.

MC Shin Dong Yup said, “Do you admit it?” and he answered, “I treat people I like very well. For me, they’re very small things. I tie her shoelaces. These things are obvious and come naturally to me.

Kim Hee Sun and Daesung both confirmed that this was true, and Kim Hee Sun said, “Like you see in the movies. He is very kind to his girlfriends.” G-Dragon added, “But these little things don’t hold big significance to me. It’s just natural. When you go eat, there are places where you have to take your shoes off. Then when we come out, of course I put her shoes on for her and tie the laces.

Daesung also said, “He’s amazing. When they eat, when his girlfriend looks like she’s finished eating, he disappears and appears again with water and a napkin for her. He takes care of all the details.

MC Yoon Jong Shin joked, “It’s like you’re serving [a table] while you’re dating,” as G-Dragon nodded, laughing along.

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