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Onew has a case of ‘Onew Condition’ on Twitter

on March 11, 2013

From: jennywill
Posted At: Tuesday, March 05, 2013 3:05 AM
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Conversation: music@korea
Subject: Onew has a case of ‘Onew Condition’ on Twitter


Most Shawol’s are familiar with the term ‘Onew Condition‘ – for those who aren’t, it’s when the leader of SHINee finds himself in a hilariously awkward situation that he usually creates for himself.

Well, the ‘Onew Condition’ has struck again! While idols tweeting their thoughts and talking to each other on Twitter are common, Onew has brought a new type into the mix: a conversation with himself.

The conversation started innocently enough when he tweeted, “I remembered. I get surprised because my hands are cold“. In a bizarre turn of events, perhaps to explain himself, he talked to himself and wrote, “No, no. Someone asked me if I can’t touch radishes..“.

He continued on by replying to himself again as he wrote, “My knees mind is blown“, and then replied again, “No, no. It’s not that it hurts ㅠㅜ“. He finally concluded the strange conversation with “I don’t know. Good night^^^^^^^^^^^^“.

What do you think Onew was trying to say?

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