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All 5 Big Bang members exude charisma in Nanjing

on March 11, 2013

From: jennywill
Posted At: Tuesday, March 05, 2013 5:56 AM
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Subject: All 5 Big Bang members exude charisma in Nanjing


The Big Bang members exuded charisma in a recent photo they snapped together.

As the members have had various solo activities, it’s been quite a while since all 5 members got together for a snapshot. G-Dragon was the one who gifted his fans with the above photo, writing,

Xie Xie BB in Nanjing

— G-DRAGON (@IBGDRGN) March 2, 2013

The boys had been in Nanjing for a performance at the ‘2013 Samsung Blue Day Festival in Nanjing‘, and they were all decked up in sunglasses (except Daesung) and leather jackets. Even though the boys were just standing around without any special poses, they managed to make the casual picture like it was taken professionally for a photoshoot.

Big Bang will continue on with their solo promotions, so it may be a while until we see them together again. Hopefully, Big Bang will have their group comeback sooner rather than later.

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