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Actor Kim Woo Bin to play Jang Dong Gun’s son in f ilm ‘Friend 2′

on March 11, 2013

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Subject: Actor Kim Woo Bin to play Jang Dong Gun’s son in film ‘Friend 2′


Popular model and actor Kim Woo Bin, who starred in the recently concluded drama ‘School 2013‘, has confirmed his next project! He’s been consistently sweeping up new projects, and the next one to add to his list will be the upcoming film ‘Friend 2‘, the sequel to the original 2001 hit movie!

A representative of his agency confirmed the news, stating on the 4th, “Kim Woo Bin has been cast as the son of Jang Dong Gun‘s character in the film. He’s determined to learn a lot from the senior actors who will also be starring in the film. Kim Woo Bin will begin filming in the beginning of April.”

This piece of news definitely piqued interest, as Kim Woo Bin, who played the student of Jang Dong Gun’s love interest, Kim Ha Naeul, in ‘Gentlemen’s Class‘, will portray his son this time around.

Directed by Kwak Kyung Taek, ‘Friend’ is a 2001 smash hit that centered around the lives of four childhood friends. In the sequel, the story will pick up when Joon Suk (played by Yoo Oh Sung) is released from prison and will revolve around Kim Woo Bin’s character.

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