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Actor Lee Jong Suk wants to compose a song?

on March 5, 2013

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Subject: Actor Lee Jong Suk wants to compose a song?


Though idols have definitely made their presence known in the drama world, not as many actors have crossed over into music. Well-known actor Lee Jong Suk has revealed that he may try out composing.

As an actor, model, and former MC of ‘Inkigayo‘, Lee Jong Suk has shown since his debut four years ago that he is a star of many talents. He revealed that one of his hobbies was playing the guitar.

A man needs to know how to play at least one instrument,” were the words his father told him, and so he grabbed the guitar. He’s still learning how to play, however. Lee Jong Suk stated, “You need to focus on it for a year to learn it, but when I start learning the chords, I need to film a project, so I forget how to play. I try to pick it up again and have to start all over, so I am still a beginner.”

He added that music is a part of his bucket list. “I never thought much about it, but I want to compose a song. I think if a song that I make lasts forever that will be great.” To compose a song, he even thought of getting some training from CNBLUE, who he is very close with.

In any case, he feels learning how to play the guitar should come first. “I went to a CNBLUE concert, and they were great. If I get a break after filming the movie ‘The Face Reader‘, I really want to focus on learning to play the guitar.

Source: Sports Seoul via Nate News

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