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Girl group members’ age ranking chart creates buzz

on May 7, 2012

20120504 girlgroupageranking

A chart ranking the ages of girl group members has many internet browsers buzzing over the results.

On an online community board, a user uploaded the ranking chart and wrote, “There was this much of a difference? Girl Group Age Ranking“, immediately gaining much attention.

The chart contains 108 members and their age in sequential order. These members come from various girl groups such as After School, 2NE1, Brown Eyed Girls, Davichi, T-ara, KARA, Girls’ Generation, and more.

Under the 1980-85 born segment, a total of 8 members were listed including: After School’s Kahi, 2NE1′s Park Bom and Dara, Brown Eyed GirlsNarsha, Miryo and JeA, and more. Meanwhile, in the 1986-90 section, T-ara’s Boram, 4minute‘s jiyoon, and 56 others made up the list. As you can see, there is a huge gap between this section and the prior.

After observing the results, the range came out to be 16 years with the oldest member being After School’s Kahi (1980) and the youngest being A Pink‘s Hayoung (1996).

Those who viewed the chart left various comments such as, “If you take age into consideration, there are some girl groups that don’t fit the idol name“, “Kahi and Hayoung are like an aunt-niece relationship“, and “If those two met, it would be awkward, wouldn’t it?”

20120504 oldestgirlgroupmembers

Source + Photos: ilyseoul, NSP

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