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Grab the Look: G-Dragon’s jet-setting style

on April 27, 2012


Big Bang didn’t fail to impress with their unique and eye-catching fashion on April 14th as they set off for Vietnam, where over 2000 fans awaited them at the airport. All the cameras were especially flash-ready as they focused on what ‘King of Fashion’ G-Dragon would be wearing next. Known for his shocking and eclectic style, he stunned fans with a more everyday outfit. Sporting a casual layered look, G-Dragon proved that he could still be a fashionista with simple pieces. But of course, he still made to sure to pop with an added touch of his fiery red leather jacket!

This is a great look, not just for jet setting, but for being a combo of essential pieces that all guys should have in their wardrobes. All the different pieces and layers can be mixed-and-matched. Versatility, fashion, and comfort- all in one!

Steal G-Dragon’s hip airport fashion with these tips:


Building up layers: G-Dragon Style 101. It’s fool-proof! Wherever you decide to stop in the ‘layer spectrum’, the outfit will still look complete. Layer 1: simple tank or tee! G-Dragon wears a low-scoop neck, striped tank here. Layer 2: plaid button-up shirt! Leave it open for a casual, hipster feel like G-Dragon does. Layer 3: leather jacket! G-Dragon goes bold with a bright red jacket, but they can get expensive and hard to find. A black leather jacket or vest will do!

To finish off G-Dragon’s airport outfit, put on some ripped jeans that come up higher on the ankle (or cuffed regular jeans), thick black belt with decorative buckle, comfy black sneakers (with a hint of your socks on display), and cheetah-print sunglasses. Now that you have the tips to ‘grab the look’… class dismissed!


Tell us what you think! Was G-Dragon dressed to impress for Vietnam? Ladies, would you like this look on your man?

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