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SPOILER – ‘Fashion King’ Shin Se Kyung plants a kiss on ____

on April 18, 2012

Shin Se Kyung planted a sudden kiss on Yoo Ah In on ‘Fashion King‘.

On the 9th episode of SBS ‘Fashion King’ that aired on April 16th, Kang Young Gul (Yoo Ah In) gets into contact with Michael J, and is thinking of letting Lee Ga Young (Shin Se Kyung) go.

Ecstatic that he was able to get into contact with Michael J, Young Gul begins to hope for a new beginning, and Lee Ga Young who caught on was also extremely happy for him.

Upon seeing Ga Young celebrate, Young Gul remarks, “Do you know what I want to do as soon as I make some money? I want to get a place and let you go from this factory.”

Young Gul was thinking of what was best for Ga Young, but Ga Young who enjoyed spending time with him was hurt by his words. With little hesitation, she then lunged forward and suddenly kissed Young Gul.

Shocked, Young Gul remarked, “Hey, this can’t happen between the boss and a female employee,” and retreated into his room, trying to calm his beating heart.

Ga Young was also taken aback by her own spontaneous action, but was relieved and excited that she had finally let him know how she had felt.

Bonus NG Kissing Scenes:


Source & Image: Newsen via Nate

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