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G-Dragon looks cute with his hair tucked behind his ear

on March 20, 2012

20120319 gd hair 460x613

A picture of Big Bang‘s group dinner was uploaded recently.

The picture was uploaded onto an online community forum with the title, ‘Big Bang at the meat restaurant’. The picture shows Big Bang members G Dragon, TOP, Seungri, and Daesung, but the person who caught people’s eyes was G-Dragon.

G-Dragon’s new hair style for their new album ‘Alive’ has recently been drawing a lot of attention for its unique style, but this time it is gaining attention because he tucked it behind his ear. His hair on stage seems unique, funky, and cool but when it’s tucked behind his ear it makes him appear more gentle and, in a sense, cute.

Netizens responded to this picture saying, “G Dragon’s so cute“, “A celebration dinner for their victory?“, and “I thought it would be a grand restaraunt for Big Bang, but it’s nice to see them eating at a common place like this.

Do you like G-Dragon’s new hairstyle?

Source & Image: TV Daily via Nate

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