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Eugene proudly shows off the cake her husband made

on March 19, 2012

Eugene has joined other celebrities into showing off the present she received on White Day.

The actress wrote on her Twitter, “I totally forgot that it was White Day but I received a surprise present. A handmade cake! Kya! It’s so pretty,” and shared the above photo with fans.

Eugene is seen smiling proudly up at the camera while holding the pink cake husband Ki Tae Young made. Fans were especially jealous of the initials, “Yoo Jin ♡ Tae Young”, that were decorated onto the cake by her husband.

Envious fans commented, “Romantic husband Ki Tae Young and beautiful wife Eugene, I’m jealous“, “He made the cake himself?! Wow he’s good“, and “He’s a very good baker!

Source: Eugene’s Twitter

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