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Song Ji Hyo grabs attention for her reasoning skills on ‘Running Man’

on March 7, 2012

Actress Song Ji Hyo has astounded fans with her skills of deduction on ‘Running Man.

On the March 4th broadcast of SBS‘ ‘Running Man,’ guests Big Bang and the cast members participated in a “hide-and-seek race,” and Song Ji Hyo’s astounding reasoning skills drew the viewers’ attention.

During this episode, Big Bang won the game before the race so they were able to win the secret weapon and decide if they wanted to hide or seek. They chose to hide, which then kicked off the start of the “hide-and-seek race.”

Big Bang’s goal was to find 5 ‘Running Man’ lottery tickets at the WestGateNaturalHistoryMuseum, and the ‘Running Man’ cast members’ goal was to find the Big Bang members.

However, Big Bang member T.O.P resisted very little when caught, and a suspicious Song Ji Hyo who witnessed this from afar remarked, “That’s so strange. Why isn’t T.O.P running away? Does he have the secret weapon?”

‘Running Man’ cast member HaHa then forced T.O.P’s name tag off with Ji Suk Jin‘s hands and the two learned that T.O.P really did have the secret weapon, causing Ji Hyo to earn the nickname, ‘Sherlock Ji Hyo’.

Netizens who saw the episode remarked, “Song Ji Hyo has amazing reasoning skills… that’s the ace for you,” and “This is the birth of ‘Sherlock Ji Hyo’.”

In case you missed it, you can check out the episode subbed in English below.

Source & Image: SeoulNewspaper via Nate

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