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Actress Kim Yoo Jung attends Big Bang’s concert

on March 5, 2012

Actress Kim Yoo Jung has recently uploaded photos of her at Big Bang‘s ‘2012 BIG SHOW‘ concert in Seoul.

On March 3rd, the child actress tweeted the following comments, along with two photos, “Yeon Woo has appeared at Big Show! Fangirl Yeon Woo with the handsome Big Bang oppas.

In the photo, Kim Yoo Jung is seen dressed comfortably and doing the V-pose while being surrounded by the Big Bang members.

Netizens commented, “I’m so jealous!“, “Yeon Woo meets Big Bang“, and “Fangirl Yeon Woo? How cute“.

Meanwhile, Kim Yoo Jung has been receiving praise for her role as the child Yeon Woo by actress Han Ga In in the MBC drama, ‘Moon That Embraces the Sun‘.

Source: Kim Yoo Jung’s Official Twitter

Tip: S.Lee

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